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Shangwey Cookware's Coatings: Healthy and Long-lasting Choices
Time: 2024-02-01

The safety of non-stick pan coatings has always attracted public attention. Are non-stick cookware really toxic and causing cancer? This statement is overwhelming. Many people worry about the toxicity of the coating when they see scratches on the bottom of non-stick pans.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)), commonly known as Teflon, is not toxic by itself. However, it can undergo chemical changes at high temperatures, producing harmful substances to the human body. This is because PFOA has been used as a wetting agent in making PTFE.

PFOA was classified as Category 2B "possibly carcinogenic to humans" by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2017. Therefore, PFOA is no longer used in the production of non-stick coatings for pots.

However, some unscrupulous manufacturers still use PFOA as a processing aid in production, and PFOA will remain in the body of animals for as short as four years and as long as half their lives.

Ceramic Coating

Our company upholds a commitment to health and quality, and the coatings we choose are all carefully selected to ensure they are healthy and non-toxic. Ceramic coatings and ETERNA are two advanced technologies, providing outstanding performance in cooking while prioritizing the user's health.


KFCC, founded in 1987 with the slogan "Technology for Human Happiness," stands as a leading company with a focus on ceramic coatings. Pioneering the development of functional and advanced ceramic coating materials, KFCC successfully commercialized these innovations for the global market. Through continuous technological research, development, and dedication, KFCC has created environmentally friendly and sophisticated ceramic coating materials widely applicable across various industries. The company's technical expertise and commitment to quality have garnered recognition. Despite not being prominently featured in our daily lives, KFCC strives to enhance and comfort human lives across various domains. 

KFCC Ceramic is the world's first ceramic coating material based on the sol-gel process. Not requiring high-temperature treatment (600~1500 C), it can form a dry film at lower cooking temperatures (80~250℃). This non-toxic, eco-friendly coating material is harmless to humans and the environment, as alcohol and water serve as its solvents.

Guided by the philosophy of "Technology for Human Happiness," KFCC signifies the culmination of efforts and continuous growth. Ceramic coatings are widely employed in various fields such as cookware, architectural finishes, and electronic products, ceramic coatings exhibit stable performance. Through nanotechnology, the surface is smoothed and made seamless, achieving a non-stick effect.

In 2024, Shangwey Cookware introduces a new product featuring the advanced ‘KFCC G7 CERAMIC’. The smooth ceramic layer on the surface of the 7th generation not only offers exceptional non-stick properties but also ensures that your cooking is always healthy and reliable.

Main features of Ceramic

– Abrasion resistance: The film does not get worn out easily by long-term use due to high durability.

– Non-stick: When cooling, food does not easily get stuck on the coated surface.

– Non-flammable film: There is neither discoloration nor toxic gas from the coated surface at high temperature.

– Harmless to humans: It does not contain any toxic material such as heavy metal, carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

– High efficiency of far infrared rays: Over 92% of far infrared radiation from the film makes food delicious and gives energy savings as well as reduction of

CO2 emission.


The durability and non-stick properties of the ceramic coating ensure long-lasting color and excellent cleaning performance, keeping the product looking great at all times.

Pad/Screen Print

KFCC's superior technology and rich experience develop pad printing and screen printing coatings. Various patterns can be printed on the ceramic coating to create unique and beautiful products.

Shangwey Cookware believe that this product will infuse new vitality into your cooking experience, bringing greater convenience and joy to your kitchen life. We look forward to your experience!

Whitford 's ETERNA

Shangwey Cookware’s stainless steel products also features another premium coating—ETERNA, known for achieving perfect non-stick performance without the use of PFOA.

On May 1, 2010, Whitford announced the latest version of its highly successful Eterna series of non-stick coatings, hailed as "the world's most longest-lasting non-stick coating." It is entirely PFOA-free and is crafted using revolutionary patented technology, providing better and more durable release effects compared to any other non-stick coating on the market.

Eterna, being PFOA-free, represents a unique fluoropolymer composite material technology that has significantly advanced in release performance compared to any standalone fluoropolymer. The Eterna coating series (Eterna, Eterna for Coil, Eterna Si) is a patented non-stick product, offering outstanding long-term non-stick properties for household items. The remarkable non-stick/release performance of Eterna coatings, as demonstrated in the Dry-Egg test, is 26 times longer than leading competitor brands and 10 times longer than other premium non-stick brands tested.


ETERNA, the world's longest lasting 100% PFOA and APEO-free non-stick coating.

Eterna wear resistance is 70,000 times, but ordinary coating 8000 times.

Eterna's maximum temperature resistance is 430 , but 180-220 for general coatings on the market.

The bottom is a magnetized base that can quickly transfer heat on the induction cooker.

Triply stainless steel construction provides excellent thermal conductivity for even cooking.

Seamless spot welding technology, more beautiful and more solid.

Eterna is dishwasher safe. Scratch-resistant coating is super easy to clean.

Color Option

Eterna technology further enhances stain resistance and provides a smoother surface, making it even more brilliant. Additionally, the new color series introduced by Whitford is produced without the use of chemicals such as PFOA during manufacturing, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Now Whitford nonsticks and decorative coatings come in a variety of colors from white to cream; light gray to dark gray and black; finishes from matte to metallic to high-gloss; spatters and special effects, including silk screens to almost any color in between.

Our company is adhering to the commitment of health and quality, and all the selected coatings are not carefully selected to ensure good health and non-toxic. ETERNA And ceramic coating are two advanced technologies that we are proud of. They not only provide excellent performance for cooking, but also focus on the health of users.

Choosing Shangwey Cookware means choosing peace of mind, health, and durability.

We are care what you are care about!
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