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Exploring a New Realm in Cooking: The Unique Charm of Ceramic Coating Non-Stick Honeycomb Pans
Time: 2024-01-23


Have you ever been frustrated with food sticking to the pan, coating peeling off, or the release of harmful substances at high temperatures? Are you searching for cookware that is PTFEfree, offers outstanding non-stick properties, and boasts an elegant design?

If so, take a moment to explore Shangwey Cookware’s latest product – CERAMIC COATING NONSTICK COOKWARE. This article will unveil the all-encompassing charm of this cookware, covering everything from its appearance to its eco-friendly features. Welcome to comment and voice them if anyone has any questions or thoughts.

• Safety of CeramicCoating.
• The Advantages of Ceramic Coating.
• Ceramic Coating in Combination with Stainless Steel and Honeycomb.
• Ceramic CoatingCookware in Line with Modern Minimalist Aesthetics
• Clean and Maintain cookware.

Safety of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is usually made from natural inorganic materials by sol-gel process (Sol-Gel). It is widely used in kitchenware, architectural versions, electronics, and more. Moreover, ceramics exhibit stable performance, with its surface rendered smooth and seamless through nanotechnology, achieving a non-stick effect.

Shangwey Cookware’s newest ceramic coating product uses‘KFCC Ceramic Coating’,the world's first ceramic coating material based on a sol-gel process that does not require high-temperature processing (600~1500°C) like porcelain enamel. It is a nontoxic eco-friendly coating material which is harmless to humans and the environment because alcohol and water are used as its solvent.

This is why ceramic coating is safer and more environmentally friendly to use compared to Teflon.

But on the market, many products claim to be "PTFE-free," but whether they truly are remains uncertain. Therefore, when choosing ceramic-coated products, it is essential to confirm the presence of relevant certifications.

Shangwey Cookware is a manufacture dedicated to innovative cookware. Our products undergo rigorous quality control, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, delivering an outstanding cooking experience. Not only do we use a healthy PFAS PTFE-free KFCC G7 ceramic coating, but we also have CE and LFGB certifications,etc.

The advantages of Ceramic Coating

 1、We conducted a test using KFCC G7 for oil-free fried eggs at temperatures ranging from 180°C to 190°C, showcasing the excellent non-stick performance.

The surface of ourceramic coating is smooth, preventing food from adhering to the bottom and reducing the need for cooking oils during the cooking process.

2、Ceramic coating refers to a non-stick layer consisting of 3 coatings: base layer, middle layer and top layer. The thickness of the coating, thus the abrasion and scratch resistance of the coating is significantly improved, extending the service life of the cookware.

Abrasion Resistance
We conducted an abrasion test using KFCC G7: 500,000 rubs. Resistant to knives and spatulas, you can cook with a spatula.

High Temperature Resistance
 Ceramic coating is an exceptionally high-temperature-resistant material with superior heat-resistant properties.

Ceramic Coating in Combination with Stainless Steel and Honeycomb

Ceramic Coating and Stainless Steel
Our ceramic coating combined with food grade stainless steel (304S.S+Alu+430S) material has better heat conductivity. It helps the ingredients to be heated evenly and avoids the problem of localised overheating or burning. Secondly, stainless steel is relatively sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, among other advantages.


Shangwey Cookware achieve a flawless mirror-bright finish in the polishing of our stainless steel products through meticulous optimization.


In addition, as safety concerns regarding cookware grow, features like anti-scald design and removable handles have become crucial in pot and pan design. Benefits of stainless steel handles include:
 1. High temperature resistance: stainless steel handles allow for long periods of high temperature cooking without the risk of being burned.
 2. Corrosion Resistance: stainless steel handles exhibit low corrosion when exposed to water and food, making them resistant to rust and deformation.


These features contribute to the overall safety, durability, and user-friendly design of stainless steel handles, meeting the evolving preferences of consumers.

Ceramic Coating with Honeycomb Pattern

Honeycomb non-stick technology involves a physical non-stick coating achieved by etching a fine concave-convex texture onto the pan's bottom. This process, not only solving the issue of coating peeling off, but also reducing the food's surface contact area with the pan, can minimize sticking.


Additionally, the honeycomb skillet's perforated design facilitates easy drainage of grease and food residue, streamlining the cleaning process to a simple wipe.

Kitchen Cookware More in Line with Modern Minimalist Aesthetics

Modern minimalist style focuses on clean and smooth lines, so ceramic coating pots and pans will also be designed for a simple and aesthetically pleasing look. Instead of complex motifs, they usually feature simple shapes and structures that make the whole cookware look clean, neat and modern.

The natural texture and gloss of the ceramic coating makes the cookware look more advanced and sophisticated. This adds to the visual appeal of the kitchenware.
Shangwey Cookware would be happy to customize a personalized product design for you. Our pots and pans are stylishly designed with mirror polishing and unique color combinations to satisfy consumers' demand for aesthetics.

The CorrectWay to Clean and Maintain Cookware

How to Clean the Ceramic Coating Cookware:
 1. Cooling: At the end of cooking, remove the ceramic coating pan from the stovetop and wait for it to cool. Don’t immediately rinse hot pans with cold water.
 2. Mild cleaning: Use a mild detergent and a soft dishwashing brush for cleaning. Avoid using harsh detergents or metal brushes that may scratch the ceramic coating coating.

Suggestions for Storing Ceramic Coating Cookware:
1. Avoid stacking: avoid stacking other pots and pans on top when storing to avoid scratching the coating.

2. Use soft pads: Place soft pads on the bottom of the pots to prevent scratching.

Following these tips will extend the life of your ceramic coating pots and pans and maintain their appearance and performance.

All in all, ceramic coatingcookware is conquering more and more gourmets with its all-round appeal, from its striking appearance and outstanding performance to its concern for health and the environment.

That's it for today's post. Stay tuned for Shangwey Cookware as we continue to research and develop, introducing more innovative products. We are committed to becoming the preferred brand in users' kitchen lives, bringing them more surprises.

We will continue to meet you with more exciting articles in the next issue.

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